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Schedule a Cognitive Consultant Meeting Tutorial

Schedule a Cognitive Consultant Meeting Step-by-Step 

Here are the steps to complete the process of signing up for a date/time for a Cognitive Consultant Meeting:

  1. Log into Cognitive Concierge account
  1. Click “My Account” and use drop down bar and select “Schedule Cognitive Consultant Meeting”
  1. Select my name from the “Select Your Consultant” drop down list and the date and time you would like to meet 
  1. Screen will show a $190.00 booking cost. **This is not your price and your coupon will be in the next screen.**
  1. Click the “book now” button
  1. The next screen shows a listing of “Product”, “Price” “Quantity” and “Subtotal”.  The details of your meeting will be listed here. 
  1. If you have unused Cognitive Consultant Meeting Credits, it will be automatically applied and the “Total” will now show $0. 
  1. Click “Proceed to checkout” button 
  1. Screen will show final confirmation details. Check the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” checkbox and the click “Place order”
  1. Your appointment is now confirmed and saved

Watch the video below to see a walkthrough of the steps: