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Thanks for signing up for a Concierge Membership! Your Cognitive Ambassador is Taryn Bushey.

Taryn can be reached vie email at


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Current Weekly To Do Lists:

Ambassador To-Dos

  • PAIN AD Scale: send to Barbara to give to staff (emailed to Barbara)
  • Reach out to SLP or find backup SLP options (emailed Mary Kate Painter, SLP; awaiting response)

Barbara’s To-Dos

  • Meet with hospice nurse to review Plan of Care, PAIN AD Scale, and ask hospice nurse what diagnosis hospice is using to cover services.
  • Follow up with Wellness Director re: Private Caregivers, How to communicate better with staff and to get consistent updates.

Past Weekly To Dos:

  1. Take picture of call light necklace. Have someone hold the necklace and place both thumbs on the button for the picture. Print out picture and write “Press call light with both thumbs for help.” Post sign at end of bed, where your Mother can easily see this visual aid. Show her the sign and have her practice pressing the call light button with both fingers (5-10x in a row), if possible.
  2. Ask assisted living staff if they can play music on CD player (on low) each morning.
  3. Print out visual communication aid (Becky emailed). Place pages in plastic page protectors and next to bed. See if your Mother can point to each picture when you say the word. (We can put fewer pictures on the page if needed). Show assisted living staff the communication aids and ask if they can use the visual aids when they are speaking with your Mother. Show them how to hold up the visual aid to provide your Mother with choices when they ask her a question.
  4. Request orders for Speech Therapy Bedside Swallow Evaluation (first priority) and Speech-Language Evaluation
    • SLP can provide recommendations for diet modifications and swallow compensatory strategies to make eating and drinking safer and more comfortable
    • SLP can develop personalized communication supports (communication book/wallet) and train AL staff on how to use visual aids to help with communication; can also work with staff to develop consistent daily schedule, with integration of meaningful activities (reading daily devotions, staff setting up CD player and CDs on bed, etc)
  5. Follow up on request for Occupational Therapy Evaluation
    • Assess need for wheelchair cushion (priority)
    • Fall safety – transfers and mobility around apartment; assess ability to use pendant to call for help
    • Showering strategies – staff training
    • CD player – assess ability to operate CD player. Use visual aids/stickers on CD player for important buttons.
  6. Take a short video of your Mother’s speech to share with Becky and Taryn (not a priority)
  7. Ambassador to develop signage
    • yes/no communication
    • meal set-up preferences
  8. Barbara to follow up with Hospice company to discuss Careplan
    • showers vs bed bath preference
    • reinstate monthly or weekly weights
  9. Barbara to follow up with ALF
    • Are private duty caregivers allowed?
    • Encourage Mom to attend meals in dining room
  10. Keep snacks/”appetizers” within reach on table

Care Team:

  • Speech-Language Pathologist: TBD
  • Occupational Therapist: TBD

Social Network:

(people your Mother communicates with on a regular basis)


  • Catherine
  • Carol
  • Barbara

Staff Members at AL Community

Leisure Activities:

person holding vinyl record

Listening to Music:

  • Develop system for having CD player easily accessible while in bed or recliner
  • Develop visual cues to facilitate ability to independently operate CD player
belief bible book business

Church, Bible, Daily Devotions

  • Ensure consistent routine for staff to assist with turning on TV to watch Church each week
  • Establish location for Daily Devotions, for reading in bed
woman getting her hair shampoo

Hair Salon

  • Goal: Once a week to get hair done

Activities of Daily Living:

  • Phone Calls
    • Research ability to install a “Memory Phone” in room, to more easily call daughters by pressing picture buttons
  • Showering Strategies
    • TBD by OT
  • Oral Care System
    • Taryn to develop visual aid/oral care “kit” to allow for better follow through with oral care. (emailed to Barbara)

Communication Strategies:


  • Personalized visual communication aids (communication book/wallet)
  • Family/AL staff – training/education on positive communication strategies and level of cueing needed to use visual communication aids


  • TBD

Swallowing Strategies:

  • TBD after SLP Bedside Swallow Evaluation