Rehab Center Resource Kit


The experts at Cognitive Concierge have created this downloadable resource kit to assist with many of the challenges in a rehabilitation or skilled nursing setting.  

This resource kit includes expert instruction, templates, signs, and other materials that may help maximize safety, independence, and to keep you at ease during a stay at a skilled nursing center or rehabilitation center. Your download access never expires, so you will always have this amazing tool, even as your needs change. 

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Rehab Resource Kit Includes:  

  • Customizable Staff Education & Instruction 
  • Tips for Promoting Safety & Independence 
  • Customizable Orientation Signs 
  • Information on Medication Systems 
  • Tips for Calendar Use
  • Blank Weekly and Monthly Calendars
  • Phone Numbers List Template 
  • Timeline of Events Blank Template
  • Medication Chart Template with Sample Chart & Instructions 
  • Visitor’s Log Template
  • Reorientation Strategies
  • Visual Aids for Mealtimes & Therapy Schedules 
  • Daily Routine Preferences Chart 
  • Meal/Drink Preferences Chart 
  • Signs (mobility reminders, movement restrictions, call button, etc.) 
  • Level of Assistance Check-off Chart for Staff 
  • Current Levels Check-off Chart for Rehab Staff/Nursing
  • Prior Level Check-off Chart for Rehab Staff 
  • Memory Book Page Templates
  • Passwords List Template 
  • TV Channels/Streaming Apps List Templates 
  • Task Chart with Sample Chart & Instructions
  • Written Yes/No Questions and Single Step Instructions
  • Instructions for Creating a Memory or Communication Station
  • Memory & Communication Station Sample Photos
  • Instructions for Creating a Memory or Communication Book
  • Covid-19 Signage

There are a total of 83 pages in this kit. You can see a sample of the pages by swiping through the photos of this product at the top of the page.

After completing your purchase, download the kit, choose which pages you’d like to print, and then fill in the pages with personalized information. 

This product listing is for a digital download. Following the completion of your purchase, you will then be able to access your download for printing under the “My Downloads” tab.  

Due to the fact that this product is a digital download, refunds are not accepted. However, if you have any issues with your purchase, please contact us.