Ornithology Class (Individual)



Explore Ornithology through our engaging and enriching month-long (4 week) cognitive class. The study of birds is brought to life through text, images and video.

What is included each week?

  • 4 to 5 hours of interactive class content on the website to be completed each week. You can experience the content at your own leisure. There are 20 cognitive enrichment handouts included in the class.

What technology is needed?

  • You will need a desktop, tablet or mobile device with internet connectivity that has a speaker, microphone and camera for your class experience.

Is this class also for care partners?

  • The weekly excursions and video content are designed to be engaging for both individuals with cognitive conditions and their care partners. The class content is also designed as an engaging activity for private duty caregivers to complete with their clients. The goal is to have an engaging experience together, where you meet new people and learn about new topics!

Class Itinerary

Contact Us

Please email us at contact@mycognitiveconcierge.com or call us at +1 (331) 256-9134 with any questions about this class.

Your purchase includes unlimited downloads of all cognitive handouts for one year from your purchase date. Click below if you would like us to mail you a printed packet of the handouts.

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