Ornithology Class (Individual)



Our Cognitive Classes are designed by cognitive experts and are created for individuals with memory and communication difficulties. They focus on self-guided digital content that facilitates video engagement, oral reading, stimulating discussion, and hands-on activities.

Each class includes printable activities and handouts to accompany the online content.

This Ornithology Class consists of 4 Modules of content.

You do not need a Concierge Membership to purchase our cognitive classes. ​

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This Virtual Cognitive Class showcases Ornithology through summaries of bird characteristics and anatomy, birding and birdwatching, nature excursions, and how birds play a role in our culture. In this Individual Ornithology Cognitive Class, you will…

  • learn all about birds
  • learn bird characteristics and anatomy
  • try out birding and birdwatching
  • go on virtual nature excursions
  • learn about birds’ important roles in culture and ecosystems

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