Hourly Consultation Fee


Do you think that you would benefit from Cognitive Concierge services but would like to try out an Cognitive Consultant meeting before choosing one of our monthly membership tiers?

Now you can book a one time consultation with one of our Cognitive Consultants. Sign up now!


Our Cognitive Ambassadors ease the burden of navigating life decisions that accompany cognitive conditions, including those coping with the effects of dementia, stroke and traumatic brain injury, so our clients can focus on participating in life more fully and independently.

During the consultation, our Cognitive Consultant will engage you and your family members about the cognitive challenges that you are facing and share with you how we ease the burden on navigating life decisions associated with those challenges.

Your Ambassador will cover how we deliver on our value proposition with you:

We educate you on the science
We explain your condition to you in a way that you can understand and connect you with top medical specialists who best fit your needs.

We illuminate the path ahead
We develop a strategy roadmap to meet your cognitive and life goals and provide you with a toolbox of stimulating cognitive activities that help you meet your goals.

We journey with you
Whether at work, in your home, in a community or transitioning between living environments, we are with you every step of the way to provide the guidance and advocacy you need in that moment.

We are team builders
We educate the professionals and caregivers involved in your care on the science and drive collaboration across these otherwise independent functions to deliver better team-based results.

We are accessible
We cater to clients who have busy lives and desire a partner that provides schedule flexibility and accessibility.

We are your rock
We listen and empathize with you in your daily struggles and accomplishments.