Frequently Asked Questions

Are you or a loved one looking for information on strategies that can help with a cognitive or communication difficulty? Our cognitive experts are available to help! 

General Questions
What services does Cognitive Concierge offer? 

Monthly Memberships
Virtual Cognitive Classes 
Ambassador Strategy Chats 
Cognitive Activities (Coming Soon)
Downloadable Resource Kits (Coming Soon)

Are your services covered by insurance? 

No, our services are not covered by insurance. Our team is made up of medical professionals; however, we are acting in a different role as your cognitive ambassador.  We develop a holistic plan and work with your medical team to help you navigate cognitive challenges and promote overall wellness.  

Do you provide therapy services? 

No, we do not provide therapy services. Instead, our services encompass so much more than rehabilitation. We can work with your therapists and your medical team to help meet your goals. During and after therapies, we fill in the gaps and provide long term support to help you continue to succeed! 

Do you diagnose cognitive disorders? 

No, we do not diagnose; however, we can help you find the appropriate professionals in your area to assist you. (I.e., neurologist, neuropsychologist, therapist, gerontologist, etc.) 

Where are you located? 

We are completely virtual! Our headquarters in based in the Chicago region, but we have Cognitive Ambassadors located across the United States. 

Who are your Cognitive Ambassadors and what are their credentials? 

Our Cognitive Ambassadors are seasoned medical professionals with a Master’s degree or PhD and backgrounds as experienced speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, and psychologists. They have extensive experience in working with families coping with cognitive conditions, including different types of dementia, aphasia, and traumatic brain injury. 

I’m worried about my memory. How could Cognitive Concierge help me? 

Yes, our ambassadors are experts in the field of cognition and can assist you through our free ambassador strategy chats. These are held monthly and we have a strategy group specifically focused on needs of those with memory difficulties. Our membership packages will allow you to work one-on-one with an ambassador to address specific needs and concerns. 

We’re already working with a speech therapist/occupational therapist. What more can Cognitive Concierge offer me? 

Our ambassadors go beyond the medical model to work on your behalf as advocates, coaches, and educators. We know therapy we fully support your therapists and your therapy goals. But we go further to bring everyone on your team onto the same page so everyone is working collaboratively on the same goals. In addition, we will remain in place after insurance benefits end. We will support you in maintaining your therapy goals, finding additional community resources in your area, and providing additional education for you and your care team.  

Do I need to be good with computers? 

No, although our services are virtual, we can offer you additional support or modifications to assist you. For example, we can provide your Ambassador meetings via phone rather than online video conference. 

How do I know if Cognitive Concierge is for me? 

Contact us via email at contact@mycognitiveconcierge.com or call us at +1 (331) 256-9134 for a free phone consultation with one of our experts. We can help you decide if our services are a good fit for you. 

Concierge Memberships
Can I cancel or change my membership package? 

Monthly Memberships
Virtual Cognitive Classes 
Yes! Memberships are monthly, so you can renew or cancel at any time. You can also change packages from month to month. 

How do I sign up for a membership? 

Contact us via email at contact@mycognitiveconcierge.com or call us at +1 (331) 256-9134 for a free phone consultation with one of our experts. We will then help you decide which package best suits your needs. 

How do I use my meeting credits? 

Once you subscribe to a membership package, you will receive credits for your ambassador meetings. You will login and schedule a meeting with your ambassador based on their availability. 1 credit =1 meeting. Credits will expire at the end of your monthly membership, so please reach out if you need assistance with scheduling your ambassador meetings. 

Who will be my cognitive ambassador? 

You will be matched with one of our Cognitive Ambassadors based on your personal goals and challenges.  

How long are the Ambassador meetings? 

Meetings are typically 60 minutes. 

What’s the difference between the various membership package? 

All of our membership packages come with a personalized resource page, anytime email access to your ambassador, and behind-the-scenes work on your behalf. The number of ambassador meetings will vary with membership packages. You can also change your package at any time for the following month.  

My Mom/Dad has cognitive challenges. Can I purchase a membership package so you can help me with their care? 

Yes, of course! We often work directly with adult children who are trying to care for their aging parents. 

If I cancel my membership, do I still get access to my personalized resource page? 

Yes, absolutely! You will retain access to your resource page; however, resource pages are only updated while you hold an active membership. 

What if my loved one is living in a long-term care facility/Memory Care community? 

We can be your loved one’s advocate. We collaborate with staff and help to develop and implement personalized cognitive activities and strategies. We frequently help to transition a loved one into a new environment and help address behavioral challenges that may arise. 

Cognitive Classes
What’s included in a Virtual Cognitive Class? 

When you purchase a Virtual Cognitive Class, you will receive access to the class webpage as well as printable handouts and activities.  

How much time will one class take? 

Each class includes content designed to be covered in 4 weeks (5 days/week). Plan approximately 30-60 minutes daily. However, classes are designed to be completely flexible; complete as much or as little as you’d like.  

Is it a pass/fail class?

No, there’s no “passing” or “failing” with these Virtual Cognitive Classes. Instead, they are designed to engage participants in an immersive topic and promote life-long learning. 

How many classes do you offer? 

Currently, we offer three topics with more being added all the time! Have an idea for a class topic? Please reach out and let us know! Email us at contact@mycogntiveconcierge.com.