Cognitive Consulting and Concierge Memberships

Cognitive Consulting and Concierge Memberships

Do you feel as though you are navigating the road alone, as you face daily challenges related to communication or memory loss? Are you seeking specific strategies and resources, tailored to meet your needs? Are you feeling overwhelmed while caring for your parent?

Call us today at +1 (331) 256-9134 for a free phone consultation to learn more about your cognitive challenges and to discuss how our Cognitive Consulting or Concierge Memberships may provide you with the support and guidance you need.

Cognitive Consulting

Our Cognitive Consulting services are designed for families who are seeking “as needed” hourly services to provide guidance and support for daily cognitive challenges.

This service does not require a monthly subscription. After an initial cognitive needs assessment, families can request assistance as needed.

Our Cognitive Consultants meet with clients via video conference or phone and specialize in addressing challenges that arise as a result of cognitive challenges.

Concierge Memberships

Our Concierge Memberships are monthly subscriptions that gives you on demand access to our Cognitive Consultants who work one-on-one with you and your family to ease the burden of your cognitive condition.

Concierge Members are carefully matched with our Cognitive Consultants, who deliver personalized service over a virtual platform. You will have flexible and direct access to your Consultant, with video meetings and daily email accessibility.

Our Cognitive Consultants work as consultants, advocates and coaches. They also work behind the scenes each week to develop your Personalized Resource Page, to train the healthcare professionals involved in your care, to make phone calls on your behalf, to participate in care plan meetings and to identify specific cognitive strategies to address your needs. They travel the road with you, so you are never alone in your journey.

We offer free phone consultations to discuss our memberships. Call us today at +1 (331) 256-9134.

What is included in a Concierge Membership?

Virtual Meetings
Meet with your Cognitive Consultant via video chat. What we do in your meeting depends on your needs. 

Personalized Resource Page
We design and update a personalized resource webpage for you. We keep all your tips for cognition and communication in one place that you can access anytime. 

Anytime Email Access
You can contact your Cognitive Consultant anytime via email. We will respond to you within 24 hours so you always have support. 

Behind the Scenes
Our Cognitive Consultants complete work for you behind the scenes. All of this additional assistance is included in your monthly membership. 
– Act as coaches, consultants, and advocates  
– Train the healthcare professionals involved in your care, or locate the appropriate specialists for you 
– Make phone calls on your behalf 
– Participate in care plan meetings 
– Locate resources and services in your area 
– Help you identify and develop cognitive strategies and activities to address your needs and more!