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Your Consultants

Becky Khayum, M.S., CCC-SLP

Maureen O’Neil Brown, MS, OTR/L, CBIS

Office: 331.256.9134

Direct: 773.354.7539


Gary, husband of more than 50 years

Daughter-Lisa, their partner, and daughter in Portland, OR

Daughter-Kristen, her husband, and three kids in Burbank, three miles from Bette Ann and Gary

Eric Feit, MD -Primary Care Physician

Dr. Ringman- Neurologist

Katherine Wong, MD- Neurologist (appointment 12/19/22)

Michelle Ross, CCC-SLP (last appointment 4/25/23)

Samantha McGovern, CCC-SLP

Sandy Wyle, CCC-SLP (not currently seeing)

Elaina Shu, CCC-SLP (not currently seeing)

Current Medications

Galantamine- 2 mg BID, increased recently to 4 mg BID

Carbidopa-Levodopa/Sinemet-Controlled Release (doubled the dose at start of April, with tremors decreasing)

Melatonin gummies-one before bed (5 mg)

Recommended Medications

Gabapentin (This is something you wanted to discuss with Dr. Wong)

Lexapro (Holding on this medication and trying behavior modification to decrease anxiety)

Discontinued Medications

Memantine (stopped 2020 due to intolerance)

Donepezil (stopped 2020 due to intolerance)

Carbidopa-Levodopa/Sinemet- (stopped due to intolerance)

Primidone (stopped due to intolerance)

Areas of Focus

1) You are looking to see if there is a Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)-trained Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who can work with you. You have expressed an interest in scheduling an evaluation with Samantha at MemoryCare Corp. You are also interested in finding a local SLP to help with programming and training use of an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) speech-generating device. You will be meeting with Michelle Ross, a speech therapist trained in treating folks with PPA, on 12/19/22. You will have your last appointment with Michelle Ross on 4/25/23. You started working virtually with Samantha McGovern, MS, CCC-SLP in April, 2023.

2) You would like us to come up with relevant questions for your new neurologist, Katherine Wong, MD, ahead of your 12/19/22 follow-up appointment. Dr. Wong specializes in evaluation and treatment of Motor Disorders. regarding the list of questions that would be appropriate to ask Dr., Wong, if there are any comments/questions or any areas that need clarification prior to your appointment, please email us. I will add information regarding EEG to the list that was created.

3) You are looking for ways to address the tremors and “jumps” that you are experiencing, though they are more in control compared with before. Dr. Wong has doubled your sinemet dosage at the start of April and this seems to have decreased the tremor activity.

4) You have been working on “brain health” activities and relaxation techniques but express an interest to have more involvement in daily activities (i.e.: laundry, dishes,etc.). We discussed how activity and “doing” can lead to a sense of purpose and responsibility. In addition, activities that are familiar can help the brain rest by allowing it to “coast” or not think so intently. Folks with neurological diagnoses need to work harder to perform everything. Having a mental “break” can help to save some physical and cognitive energy.

5) You have noticed some short-term memory lapses and having more information on memory might help to understand how this might affect daily life.

6) You currently have an augmentative communication device, Tobi Dynavox, but are having some issues with customer service. You are interested in learning about other devices (including Lingraphica) to see if they might be a better fit and will support you as aphasia progresses.

7) Joining in the PPA Chats with Cognitive Concierge and the National Aphasia Association is a priority


Things we will be working on:

  • Updating the Resource Page
  • Clarifying information on the list of questions and recommended relevant information to pass along to Dr. Wong
  • Synopsis of your meeting with Maureen
  • Identifying SLP’s in your area to assist with AAC training

Things you can be working on:

  • You met with Maureen on 12/15/22 for your second consultant meeting. Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions from that meeting
  • Please review the Resource Page when you get a moment and check for accuracy and completeness
  • Please let us know when you have availability to meet in January
  • Recovering from the effects of COVID-19!
  • Oftentimes, a summary print-out of your MD appointment may be available . This can be helpful as much information is discussed during these appointments.